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Meet the Coaches

Get to know the Prosperity Coaches

Coaching is offered as an add-on to all of our packages. Meet them all here and see which one is the right fit for you.

Ben Eastwood

Prosperity Coach

Before starting Investing in property 6 years ago, I’d spent 10 years in the hospitality Industry running everything from comedy clubs to restaurants and nightclubs. The 70 long hours a week and late nights in that industry prompted a change. Now I do 100 hours a week in property… the difference is that I actually enjoy it!

Right now my business partner, and wife, specialise in creative deal structures in the 7-figure category but don’t require huge amounts of investment to get into. This covers a range of strategies from Buy To Let & HMO through to Serviced Accommodation &Commercial to residential.

I am an active investor across Yorkshire and regularly attend networking events.

What you will get from me as a coach:

  • Honesty: I won’t tell you what you want to hear, only what you need to hear. Sometimes sessions will be uncomfortable, but growth ain’t no picnic.
  • Integrity: Our sessions are private. Don’t be afraid to tell me where you’ve f*cked up. The more I know, the better the service I can offer. My job is to make sure you don’t f*ck up the way I have, and that you enjoy the successes I have.
  • Knowledge: Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a few years in, I will have creative acquisition techniques you can use in your investment company.
  • Contacts: My team are some of the best. Their time is precious. If you’re serious I will make an introduction if you need it.
  • Activity: My wife and I are active property investors. We have a portfolio value of £5m and grwoing. I won’t coach something I’m not doing myself.

Keeley Vuong-White

Prosperity Coach

My need for learning and growth lead me to explore multiple investment strategies. Since 2012, I’ve built a portfolio of BTLs, Social Housing, HMOs and Commercial to Residential developments.

However, I don’t work on my own. As MD of Global Propertunities Ltd, my strengths are predominantly creating the business strategy, identifying property opportunities and oversee the running of the business. Luckily, these skills were built from 15 years of corporate marketing career which I was able to bring into our property business.

As a coach, I love co-creating strategies with the purpose of building strong and sustainable property businesses for new investors.

Milesh Lakhani

Prosperity Coach

Hello, I’m Milesh, and I’m here to share my experience in the world of property investment and mentorship. My passion for property began back in 2002, but it was in the last seven years that I took the leap to make it my full-time endeavor. Prior to my property journey, I spent over 18 years in the financial services sector, where I climbed the career ladder rapidly. However, the long hours and high-pressure environment eventually took a toll on my health.

In June 2013, amidst a successful career, I faced a severe and unexpected illness. While it was devastating at the time, this setback turned out to be a life-altering opportunity. It forced me to reevaluate my priorities and the direction of my life. In 2015, I made the courageous decision to take control, not only of my financial future but, more importantly, of my time.

Property development became my vehicle for change. It allowed me to align my life with my passions and prioritize quality time with my family. Since then, I’ve never looked back.

My experience in the property industry is diverse and well-rounded. I’ve invested in various property types, including Buy-to-Let properties, small Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) with 4-6 rooms, large HMOs with 10-20 rooms, land deals, commercial properties, and commercial-to-residential conversions. My investments span different regions, from the North-East and the North-West to the South-East.

Beyond property development, I’m also a public speaker, coach, and property consultant. I’m deeply committed to sharing my knowledge and experiences with others who aspire to take control of their financial future through property investment. Additionally, I work closely with schools to inspire young minds to think about entrepreneurship and financial independence.

My journey is a testament to the transformative power of property investment and the importance of pursuing one’s passions while securing a stable financial future. If you’re ready to embark on a similar journey or seek guidance in the world of property investment, I’m here to support and mentor you every step of the way. Together, we can unlock your potential and create a brighter financial future for you and your loved ones.

Peter Ngo

Prosperity Coach

Property investment can be a challenging journey. Raising funds for deals, avoiding costly mistakes, and managing a growing portfolio is no easy feat. I’ve been investing in property since 2014, starting with small buy-to-lets and progressing to HMOs and large commercial-to-residential projects with the Propertunities team.

My background as a clinical pharmacist and IT consultant, combined with my diplomatic approach and diligence, has allowed me to:

  • Coach individuals on their path to building personal wealth.
  • Systemise the Propertunities business.
  • Raise millions of £ in finance.
  • Navigate complex mortgage and tax conditions.
  • Establish a strong social media presence.

As of 2023, Propertunities has been operational for 8 years, and the collective property experience of our four directors spans over half a century.

To learn more about Propertunities and me, visit peterngo.co.uk

Michael Almond

Prosperity Coach

With over 10 years of experience developing houses in the North West, Michael Almond is the founder and CEO of Almond Estates. An experienced designer, builder, joiner by trade and a self-proclaimed ‘perfectionist’. Michael is passionate and open-minded with a flexible, innovative approach to building.

Clara Bindefeld-Jacobs

Prosperity Coach

I have been a full-time property investor with my wife since 2017, following a career as an estate and letting agent for 8 years. We were inspired to invest in property to achieve financial freedom and started our journey in 2014.

With no initial capital, we set up a lease options business focused on serviced accommodation and HMOs, achieving financial freedom within 18 months. As our experience and capital grew, we expanded our portfolio to include various property types like HMOs, BTLs, and serviced accommodation. We are now working on ‘commercial-to-residential’ developments.

We also run a property management company and are actively growing our portfolio. Additionally, we have been coaching and mentoring others for three years and are excited to work with Prosperity Network as a coach.

Susie Bindefeld-Jacobs

Prosperity Coach

I, along with my wife Clara, started our serious journey in property investment in 2014 after receiving property education.

We initially focused on Buy-to-Let (BTL) properties up North with limited success but later found success with a Rent-to-Rent (R2R) strategy in Suffolk, which boosted our cash flow and confidence. We then expanded into acquiring Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs). Despite having limited capital, we relied on angel and creative finance strategies. Our property portfolio now includes BTLs, HMOs, Lease Options, R2Rs, Serviced Apartments, and small commercial-to-residential conversions, primarily in the North West and Suffolk.

We also own a property management company in Ipswich. Coaching from Danny has played a significant role in our business growth, and we now enjoy mentoring others to achieve success. We are honoured to have been invited to coach for Prosperity and look forward to working with others.

John Cockroft

Prosperity Coach

John, along with his partner Charlotte, has been actively investing in property for approximately 5.5 years, with a full-time commitment of about 3 years. John is an ex-builder/plasterer, providing him with on-site experience. They started their property investment journey by following an educational path, initially focusing on Buy-to-Let properties, quickly adding 3 or 4 to their portfolio. They then expanded into Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs), including a 5-bedroom property and a commercial-to-residential conversion with 11 bedrooms, which generated a strong recurring income.

In addition to these strategies, they have also engaged in three property flips, which is their current primary focus. John has also assisted his daughter and son-in-law in building their own property portfolio, and they now have a couple of Buy-to-Let properties.

Outside of property, John enjoys outdoor activities and regularly walks in the moors near their home. He is passionate about fitness and has a deep love for his four granddaughters. John has experience in various aspects of the property development world and is enthusiastic about helping others progress in this field.

Natalie Gascoyne

Prosperity Coach

I have been a professional property investor since 2017, coming from a background in music and sports marketing. I started my property company after personal losses in my 20s, seeking more time for myself and my loved ones which meant the need for additional income sources.

My property journey began with BTL investments, transitioning to HMOs and property sourcing, and then moving into commercial developments. We’ve received private mentoring from Danny for over 3 years, which facilitated my confident progression to more complex property investment strategies. I find commercial developments particularly enjoyable due to the significant transformations involved.

A key focus for me now is developing homes for supported living, including an office conversion into 3 flats leased to a care provider for adults with mental health issues and learning difficulties. I invest a lot of time and money in refurbishments, with the satisfaction of knowing they’re providing quality homes for vulnerable individuals. The long lease agreements allow for a more hands-off landlord approach.

Additionally, I mentor people at an earlier stage in their property investment careers, enjoying supporting newcomers to the industry and helping them navigate challenges, avoid pitfalls, and celebrate successes.

Emma Stubbings

Prosperity Coach

I have been involved in full-time property investment since 2013, having left a 17-year corporate career in senior management roles in London and Sydney to focus on property.

I started by building a portfolio of HMOs in Liverpool & Manchester with the aim of replacing my corporate salary. I was inspired by Danny Inman, and the shift in focus has been life-changing for me.

Now, I primarily invest in my local area of Cambridge. My property investment experience includes various types of projects such as HMO conversions ranging from 5 beds to large 15-bedroom co-living developments, blocks of flats, commercial properties, and larger developments. I am passionate about design in property and emphasise maximising value by providing customers with unique, high-quality products.

Property investment has transformed my life, enabling me to live a life I love, spend time with family, and spend lots of time overseas. I am enthusiastic about helping others “create their best life” and achieve their dreams through property investment.

Jo Raghvani

Prosperity Coach

Before property, I had an 18-year corporate career spanning various industries, with the last 7 years in the financial services sector. In 2013, I decided to transition to property investing to gain control over my time and choices.

Seven years ago, I invested in property education and, with the support of a network, a mentor, and ongoing coaching, I began building my property business. My portfolio includes BTL properties in the North-West, along with multiple BRR projects. I also have experience in social housing and, for the past three years, have been focused on commercial-to-residential conversions.

I am currently active in the East Midlands, with a continued emphasis on commercial-to-residential projects, both for to sell and hold for income. As a coach, I find satisfaction in witnessing the growth, positive changes, and successes of those I work with. I am definitely going to push you outside your comfort zone to help you achieve your financial, personal, and lifestyle goals, but I’ll never ask you to do something that I haven’t done myself!

Salik Rashid

Prosperity Coach

I have been involved in property investment since 2015 and have gained extensive experience with various strategies. Before this, I was actively pursuing side hustles while working full-time at John Lewis and attending uni.

Having graduated in finance, I was drawn to the idea of building a business, leading me to receive extensive education in property investing. This decision was a turning point that opened up new opportunities. Alongside my partner Karishma, I’ve consistently invested in HMOs, Buy-to-Let properties, and property flips in the North West, primarily using privately raised capital. Within a couple of years, I achieved significant experience and cash flow, which laid a solid foundation for my portfolio.

In recent years, my focus has shifted towards commercial-to-residential conversions, further propelling my business growth. I have a strong passion for helping individuals start and grow their property businesses to achieve their financial and personal goals. Since 2018 I have assisted people in developing an investing mindset, enabling them to follow their passions and desires. I embrace the mantra that “you are the only limiting factor.”

Karishma Davdra

Prosperity Coach

Together with my partner, Salik, we’ve been actively involved in property investing since 2015. We made a full-time commitment to our property business just over two years ago, leaving a corporate career as a reward analyst while residing in London. Prioritising how we’ve spent our time was key to building our property business!

My corporate career, spanning 6 years, provided me with valuable insights into business organisations, internal systems, and structures, which I’ve naturally applied to our property business. We began our property investment journey in the Northwest, starting with a flip and swiftly progressed to HMOs and BTL properties. Since we had no initial capital, we focused on quickly raising funds and then moved on to high cash-flowing strategies.

Our current focus is on commercial-to-residential developments, although we continue to engage in BTL investments.

Miles Bulloch

Prosperity Coach

17 years of experience in various property-related roles including:

  • Commercial property degree
  • Letting agent
  • Estate agent
  • Commercial surveyor
  • Co-Founder of Propertunities.

My passion for property is evident, and I have a diverse portfolio, ranging from small Buy-to-Let properties to large HMOs, serviced accommodation, and complex commercial-to-residential conversions. My extensive experience has allowed me to connect with angel investors, collaborate with estate and letting agents, build win-win relationships, analyse deals thoroughly, manage risks, establish effective systems, handle challenging building projects, structure joint ventures, and more.

As a coach, I am enthusiastic about helping others grow in several key areas, including raising finance through angel investors and joint venture partnerships, deal analysis, project management, systemising your business, and building a strong business brand.

Ruth Smith

Prosperity Coach

I have been involved in property investment part-time since 1990 and gained extensive experience in the field. In 2014, I made the transition to full-time property investment, which runs alongside my financial services business (mortgage broker).

My experience includes various roles and achievements, such as being a mortgage broker, raising over £2 million in private investor funds, serving as an international and UK mentor, speaking at events, and owning and managing a multi-million-pound property portfolio. They have engaged in a wide range of property strategies, including Buy-to-Let, HMOs, distressed properties, title-splitting, property flips, serviced accommodation, greenfield development, and commercial-to-residential conversions.

Despite starting with a negative portfolio in 2014, with no money and limited access to mortgages, I have successfully built a multi-million-pound business by purchasing distressed properties, adding value, and pulling all my money out the deals, resulting in an infinite return on my investment.

My primary goal is to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with others, helping them succeed and build profitable property portfolios.