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Community definition – “the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common.”

We believe community will be our most important characteristic in the Prosperity Network. We believe that the saying “Your Network Is Your Net North” carries so much weight in its value.

Our aspiration is to build the best property investment community that exists.

A community full of active investors, that carry the same attitudes and interests, that believe in abundance and the fact that all in the community can win if they apply the learning and take action.

A community that recommends learned consistent action will lead to results, and will support and hold each other accountable to make sure those actions take place.

Our packages are built with community in mind – and is a huge reason for our company name – The Prosperity Network.

Zoom Calls


Weekly calls (a minimum of 36 per year) to stay right up to date with any market or legislation changes that you will need to know as a property investor. Regular shares from fellow investors on their successes and challenges in the market. Experienced investors sharing strategies, and professionals offering you an informed insight on the market.

A way to check in with the community and get your questions answered by those who are doing what you want to do. If you cannot make it live (we advise you do) do not worry, all calls are recorded and held on the portal for you to catch up on.

Yes Events


Zooms are great, but there will always be something more certain about doing business, and meeting people, face to face in our opinion. YES events were born before the Prosperity Network but we have now brought these under our Prosperity Network banner, with attendance being offered under many of the packages.

This gives you the opportunity to meet more property investors face to face, and to grow your network.

Email hello@prosperitynetwork.co.uk to find out more
and join the community!

Subscribers Facebook Group


We have a Facebook group for subscribers access only. The group, called “Prosperity Network – The Community”, is a place to communicate quickly with your fellow members of the Network.

Share successes, ask questions, get help, promote opportunities and much more in this invite only Facebook Group.

Mastermind Days


Want to take the learning you have got on the portal a little further on a certain subject? Then the mastermind days are for you.

Full, practically driven, mastermind days are in place for you to really drill down into some of the investment and marketing strategies that you need to know. You know the theory, now you need to know the practical application to help you turn your knowledge into real profits.

Packages C-E have 4 per year included which is the most cost effective way for you to get the best Mastermind knowledge.



We want to be more than just an education community.

We will be running regular social and celebratory events for Prosperity Network subscribers and their families. We want to make memories as well as money. We want to get through the challenges to be a success, and have fun together too.

Keep your eyes peeled for our Prosperity Network social events as they are announced.

Charity partnership

The Prosperity Network are extremely proud to partner with housing related charity Keystone Foundation.

Director Danny Inman is a very proud trustee of the charity, that is making huge charitable impacts in the provision of housing and accommodation support through grants for those who have hit difficult times.

In looking for a charity to partner with for the Prosperity Network, a charity making a definite impact in the housing market felt right on many levels.

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