What can we offer you?

We have taken great care in building products that are right for people at any stage of their investing career, and at any level of experience. They are designed for you to be able to choose the level of education and support that you need.

Real people doing Real things – looking to help others do the same.
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Learn at your
own pace

Weekly Online
Group Calls

1 to 1 Private

Online content training and weekly community calls

£60 per month per subscriber
  • Consistently uploaded and updated Property investment content through the portal.
  • Analysis of all market and legislation changes as they happen from the professionals.
  • Weekly Group Online Calls with more property and business information
  • Training material to be uploaded on the portal can include:

• Getting started • Motivation and mindset • Property Professionals • Finance and Raising Funds • Property and Portfolio Management • Buy To Let • House in Multiple Occupation • Social Housing • Buy to Sell (Flipping) • Property Conversion and Development • Tax and Assets Protection • Managing your business (Strategy, Planning and Maintenance) • Serviced Accomodation • Sourcing and Property Business • Plus many more.


£75 per month

Or £90 per couple
  • All of the above.
  • Plus in person quarterly YES Networking Days with like-minded community members of the Prosperity Network.

£175 per month

Or £250 per couple
  • All of A – B.
  • Plus 6 Mastermind days per year (full days on subjects above. You pick which you attend based on what is right for you).

£3250 annual payment

And £175 per month/£250 per couple
  • All of A-C.
  • Plus 90 mins of one to one coaching every month.
  • This will be done with a coach who has achieved what you are looking to do, and will be overseen by our senior partners who will be on hand when needed.
  • Bespoke option to add coaching to package A or B is available. Contact the team to find out more on

Property Development Intensive Mentorship

Available on Request

A bespoke and by request only Mentoring opportunity. This will only be relevant to those who have an immediate development opportunity, or a challenge, which needs intense and immediate attention.

We will need to qualify those who are interested in this product, to ensure we are comfortable with them stepping into this strategy at the right stage of their career.