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The Fastest Way for Property Investors to Drive Up Profits, and Maximise Their Assets, without Wasting Unfocused Hours, Making Risky Deals, or Wasting More Money on Books & Courses

Let’s face it, the property industry is full of sleaze, scams, and snake oil salesmen …

And that sucks. Because it truly can be a fun, ethical, and highly fulfilling way to make an amazing income.

Whether you want to –

  • Build an entire empire of buy-to-let properties, that affords you the luxury of travelling the world, living solely on your terms and your schedule …
  • Create a small portfolio that gives you a nest egg for the future, and can potentially allow you to retire 5, 10, or even 20 years earlier …
  • Leave your dull and dreary 9-to-5, and step into an industry that gives you way more flexibility, as well as full control over your time and your money …
  • Have just a handful of properties to act as a ‘rainy day fund,’ and mean you always have an income and capital to fall back on, should you need it …
  • Or you just like the idea of a totally automated income stream, bringing you anything from a few hundred extra pounds a month, right up to a 7-figure yearly income …

There’s no doubt property is one of the safest, most recession-proof ways to do any and all of the above.

But there’s a problem –

Most Property ‘Experts’ are Scummier than an Outdoor Toilet in a Dilapidated 2-Bed Terrace That Hasn’t Been Touched for 30 Years

That might be controversial, but I believe in radical honesty, and telling it like it is.

The first thing you should know about me is, I am as far from a ‘7-figure property guru’ as you can get.

Yes, I myself have made several million from property investing in a career spanning over a decade.

And through my company, The Prosperity Network, have also helped hundreds of people build their own property portfolio, making anywhere from £500 extra a month, right up to literally hundreds of thousands a month.

But you’ll never hear me throw around phrases like “Financially free.”

I don’t have staff members moonlighting as ‘success stories’ and conning others into investing.

I don’t host seminars where stooges run to the back of the room to sign up for some “limited discount” on a course that’s never actually sold for full price.


And I definitely don’t make overhyped money claims, or even pretend that this whole property game requires no work whatsoever.

So if that’s what you want … I recommend closing this page now.

You won’t get any get-rich-quick nonsense here.

Neither will you get anywhere if you’re not willing to put in some work.

Property is simple, but it isn’t easy.

Like any business, there are ups and downs.

There are (manageable) risks involved.

And you need to be prepared to put in effort.

If that’s you, you’re in the right place.


Rather than do the cliché thing of selling you the property business dream, I want to talk you through the 3 crippling mistakes most property investors make.

These can literally make or break a property business.

And what’s worse, is that many so-called ‘experts’ still teach these in their courses.

At The Prosperity Network, we see it as our job to cut through the crap, and show you a safe, sustainable and ethical way to make a great income from property.

Mistake #1: Buying a Property Based Solely on Potential Returns

So many new investors buy their first property (or first few properties) based solely on the numbers.

Now, obviously profit is vital …

And even though you might not be living in the property yourself, you’re still buying a home.

It won’t be your home, but it will be someone else’s.

That’s why it’s not just a numbers game.

You should spend some time looking around the area, getting a feel of the place, and seeing what the neighbourhood is like.

In time, you can probably skip this step, as you get to know what to look for, and what to avoid … Especially if you tend to always buy in the same area(s), or the same types of property. But to begin with, it’s vital.

Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re buying.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t usually consider spending a few hundred pounds on something you hadn’t done your due diligence on, so why would you spend tens or even hundreds of thousands?

Far too many experts rely solely on income calculators, or arbitrary numbers … And sure, these can be useful.

If we’re being real though, the long-term difference in income between a house with a sale value of £70,000 and one with a sale value of £75,000 will be minimal. Therefore, while it may feel like you’re saving £5,000 now, if you pick the wrong property, it could cost you much more than that ‘saved’ £5,000 over the long-term

Mistake #2: Stressing About Market Trends

The housing market goes up and down. That’s just life.

It sounds sexy if investors talk about cashing in during a boom period, or buying up tonnes of property during a crash, so they can ‘get rich’ from it in 10 years’ time.

The honest truth is, property is a long-term game.

If you’re in it for the short-term, and looking to make lots of money quickly, you’d be better off heading to the casino and putting it all on black.

The idea of ‘playing the market’ is nothing more than a fancy ploy used by people with courses to sell, who like to make people think they have this sixth sense for predicting market trends.

Trust me … They don’t.

I’ve been in this industry a couple of decades now, and while some may occasionally be correct, even a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.

Mistake #3: Starting With Conversions and Developments

Truth: There is a LOT of money in small conversions and developments.

But these are advanced strategies for advanced investors.

They have potentially big pay-offs, but they also carry much more risk.

Plus, they require a far greater amount of investment.

Even those who’ve been in the property game for a few years are likely best served holding off on these, and sticking to buy-to-let investments, single property flips, and potentially some social housing.

Many gurus promote conversions and developments (along with HMOs) as the key to winning with property.

And while there’s some truth to this, they’re trying to sell very high-risk tactics to people who just aren’t ready for them yet.

It’s like giving Usain Bolt’s training programme to someone who’s just put on their first pair of running spikes …

Or asking someone who’s never set foot in a kitchen before to be sous chef to Michel Roux for an evening service.

On paper it looks amazing, but in practice, it’s probably going to end in disaster.

See the common theme here?

These are all advanced or outdated tactics, marketed as ‘the secret trick’ to successful property investing.

That’s where Prosperity Network steps in …


A Friendly, Supportive Community of Property Investors, Geared Up to Help You Profit from Property, 100% Sustainably and Ethically.

Most people’s introduction to property mentors comes in the form of a ‘free’ seminar, where you’re hard-sold into signing up to some 4-figure programme.

High-energy presenters conduct pitches from the stage, designed as presentations, with the sole intention of creating hype around selling their courses and mentorships.

The room is full of stooges, often pretending to be successful students, when secretly they’re on the payroll.

Whatever’s sold is claimed to be ‘heavily discounted,’ when in reality, it’s this reduced price, 365 days a year.

And most of the time, what’s being sold is nothing more than access to a private Facebook group, a few outdated PDFs or video lessons, and maybe a few calls with one of the guru’s staff members … IF you’re ‘lucky.’

The Prosperity Network is none of this.

I don’t like being so negative about the industry, but I have to be honest, and address the elephant in the room.

It’s 100% natural to be sceptical about anyone claiming to help you with property investing.

In fact, it pains me to have to be so blunt about my own industry. But I want you to know I completely understand the dark and seedy side of things, and want to stay as far away from this as possible.

Anyway, I’d better tell you a little bit about me and about Prosperity Network …


Without blowing my own horn too much, I’m a very successful business owner in the property market and serial property investor and developer. I’m passionate about education, quality content and personal development.

With a £25m pipeline of developments at almost all times, extensive experience in all of the property strategies we teach in the Prosperity Network, and having had the honour of coaching, training and mentoring thousands of property investors in the last decade, I feel pretty well placed to comment on the market, and help to lead this community to be the best in the game.

Most importantly, I don’t do all the overblown property nonsense. I’m a straight talking, logical and analytical investor, who loves this game, but doesn’t love the hype that often surrounds it.

Now that’s out of the way, let me tell you what we can actually do for you …

Finally: An Ethical, Real World Way to Profit from Property, Without the Scams, Sleaze, or 7-Figure Gurus

The very first thing you should know about the programmes we offer at the Prosperity Network is we will never sell someone straight into a high-ticket product.

We don’t do the whole – “This is usually £10,000, but for today only, it’s just £4,997.”

We don’t ask you to put extortionate amounts on credit cards.

And we definitely don’t do high-pressure sales.

Instead, we offer high-value, low-cost solutions that can benefit any level of property investor.

The main way we do this is through our portal.

Here’s what’s involved with The Portal:

Click the video to watch a short video walkthrough, or simply skip ahead and read about what’s involved.

Element 1: A Full and Thorough Database of Everything You Need to Know About Property Investment.

Unlike other ‘experts’ we don’t hold any information back for our higher priced masterminds.

Full disclosure: We DO have higher-priced coaching options, but these are designed for people who are already making a high income from property, and want that extra support, guidance and accountability.

The Portal however, contains all the information and strategies anyone needs to go from buying their first property … Right up to managing dozens of them as a full-time investor.

Most of this is in easily actionable videos that cover literally everything.

In fact, at the time of writing, we’re sitting at over 100 hours of content.

However, our goal is to leave no stone unturned, and you can work through these at your own pace, or pick and choose what to watch, depending on where you are in your journey.

Element 2: Extensive Updates Done with Real-Time Market Changes

The property market changes fast.

Obviously some aspects stay the same, but it’s vital the way you work changes in response to the market.

Because we’re actively involved in property ourselves (ie. we don’t just teach it, we live it,) we update the trainings on a very frequent basis.

If something in the market changes, you’ll know about it before anyone else.

Far too many courses are incredibly dated, and what’s taught in them simply doesn’t work today. Or if it does work today, there’s no guarantee it’ll still be valid in a year or two’s time.

With The Prosperity Network Portal, there’s no fear of that.

Element 3: Weekly Group Calls

Once a week we have a group Zoom call.

This is where we run through any market updates, and major events and announcements that could affect your investments.

We also have a key guest speaker, from areas such as –

Mortgage brokering
Tax advisors
Motivational speakers
Mindset coaches

This is followed by a live Q&A where you get to ask us and the speaker anything you’re stuck on.

Not just that, but if you can’t make a call, they’re all recorded and added to the portal within 48 hours.

And better yet, the portal gives you complete access to every call we’ve ever done. That means if there’s an expert you’ve been dying to see speak, but were worried you missed out on … You can go back and re-watch, any time you like.

Element 4: Document Library

Our document library contains everything you need when it comes to paperwork.

We’re currently sitting at 40+ documents, with more being added all the time.

We have everything from joint venture contracts, anti-money laundering policies, cash flow calculators, notices to be served to tenants, refurb costings and a whole host of spreadsheets.

This alone is worth £10,000+.

If you went to a lawyer, they’d charge anything from £300 to £1,000 to write just one of these for you.

But in the document library, you have full and unfiltered access to almost every document you’ll ever need, for no extra fee, saving you thousands of pounds, and hours of unnecessary stress.

Element 5: Our Support and Expert Advice Every Step of Your Property Journey

Property is simple.

Making a good, predictable income from it really isn’t that hard.

So why do so few people do it?

The answer’s straightforward … They lack the confidence and impetus to do it.

That’s where we step in.

We’re incredibly transparent in the fact that we don’t have any secret tricks, any hidden strategies, or any black-hat tactics to ‘hack’ the property game.

But what we do have is a tonne of experience, and a willingness to help others succeed.

The way we see it, our members are our best business card.

If they succeed, we succeed.

That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure everyone in The Prosperity Network Portal not only feels 100% confident in their property journey, but also –

– Has our help, every step of the way.

– Builds their portfolio every single month, so they keep adding more properties, and more income.

– Doesn’t get sucked in by the ‘rags to riches’ Hollywood-style stories from sleazy gurus.

– Never has to go it alone when it comes to tenant issues, paperwork challenges, or the legal processes.

– Feels like they’re fully supported in their business, with a great group of experts and like-minded investors around them.

(BONUS) Element 6: Monthly In-Person Networking Events

These are part of our higher packages, slightly higher priced but still very reasonable.

These in-person events take place in various locations, and are a great chance for fellow Prosperity Network members to meet each other, do deals together, collaborate, or simply just hang out, chat, and mingle with the rest of the community.

(BONUS) Element 7: 6 Full Mastermind Days Every Single Year

We run multiple mastermind days every year, covering a wide variety of property topics. Should you choose our most in-depth portal membership, you have the choice of 6 of these to attend each year.

As you can see, there’s a whole lot of value here, regardless of which option you choose.

And here’s the best bit –

The Prosperity Network is a Great Fit for Anyone, Regardless of Whether You’re Yet to Get Your First Property … Or You’re 15-20 Deals In.

Our goal with The Prosperity Network Portal is not to create some hierarchical structure where people have to keep paying out more money to move up a ‘level.’

That’s what the gurus do, and it doesn’t sit right with us.

Like I said, we do have more in-depth, more expensive services, such as our one-on-one coaching, or our personalised property development intensive mentorship.

But we find that for the vast majority of investors, our Portal options have everything you need.

– 100+ hours of video trainings …

Up-to-the-minute advice and education, so you know exactly what’s happening in the market, and never get left behind …

– A weekly group Zoom call, with guest experts and Q&A to get all your questions answered …

Literally tens of thousands of pounds worth of documents, saving you time and money …

– An incredible community, filled with experienced mentors and like-minded investors …

Full confidence you’re making precisely the right moves, and never risking your cash, or making bad investment choices …

– And above all, the guidance and support you need to have whatever your version of property success is.

But don’t just take my word for it …

Here’s What Other Members Have to Say About the Portal ...

Andrew Arere

Andy Keenahan

Dessi Enchova

Paul Cummins

Scott & Helen


Simon Porter

Nicky Russell

Paul Cummins

Tommy Franzen

Now, if you were watching this as a property presentation, with an ‘expert’ on stage, this is the point they’d go into their hard-sell close …

Or when they’d start using subconscious manipulation tactics …

That’s not what I want to do.

You’ve seen the value in The Prosperity Network Portal.

You know about me, and my experience.

And best of all – You’ve seen some of the results from our members.

So the question you need to ask yourself is –

How Much Would You Pay to Have Full Confidence in Growing Your Property Portfolio to a Consistent 5 or Even 6-Figure Income?

Right about now, you’re probably wondering how much access to the Prosperity Network Portal is going to cost.

I’ll happily share that with you in just a moment.

But first, let me ask you that important question:

How much would it be worth to you to have a thriving, growing, profitable property business, bringing in as much as £10,000 – £50,000, every single month?

And how much would you be willing to pay to have a proven game plan to get there?

With experts in your corner, and a supportive community, guiding you every step of the way?

Knowing you were making exactly the right moves …

Doing deals that you knew were going to be profitable long-term …

And never fearing risky investments, or volatile markets?

Because for some, that kind of security and confidence is worth literally tens of thousands of pounds.

I mean, just look at the prices the property gurus charge.

We’re talking £4,997 to £9,997 for their entry-level courses.

And people pay that for nothing more than access to a free Facebook group, a few PDFs, and the odd online ‘coaching session.’

Yet, if they get the results they want — which I’ll admit, is rare with these ‘experts’ — it’s worth every penny, because they make back many more times that in the long run.

Now, I’ll level with you …

At The Prosperity Network, we do have options for investors that cost up to £10,000.

And we fully stand behind what we do with these.

Because, quite frankly, the results people get from them make the initial investment a drop in the ocean.

And if you want to come on board with one of those, you’re more than welcome to.

Simply reach out to me, and we can get you set up.

However, these are extremely high-touch, personalised programmes, with many days spent together each year.

So, while I may be doing myself out of some sales here — Most people simply don’t need that level of support right now.

The Portal has absolutely everything they need.

The trainings alone can help you build a 5-figure a month property business.

And once you add in the group calls, the guest expert trainings, the document library, and everything else in there …

I can confidently say this is the most comprehensive property investment portal out there, today.

With that in mind …

And thinking about how much some gurus charge for a lot less than I’m offering you …

You’d be forgiven for thinking access to the Portal would set you back at least £2,000 to £3,000.

The good news is … It doesn’t cost anywhere near that.

Don’t get me wrong, if it did cost that much, it’d still be worth it, because –

It’d Be a Small Price to Pay to Join Hundreds of Other Eager Property Investors, All Building a Profitable, Ethical, ‘Hands-Off’ Income Stream.

However, by now you’ve hopefully seen I’m not one of those property experts who does the whole high-ticket sales nonsense.

I firmly believe price shouldn’t be a barrier to anyone looking to achieve their property investment dreams.

That’s why I’m not going to ask for anything close to £3,000.

I’m not even going to ask for half that …

Because, through this page –

You can get access to everything I’ve talked about on this page, from as little as £60 per month.
There’s not even a sign-up fee to pay.

There’s no shipping, as everything is hosted online.

And that includes absolutely everything you’ve read about.

Now, we do have 3 different packages, depending on what option you feel works best for you, but let me show you these below:

Package A Package B Package C
Access to 100+ Hours of Property Trainings
Weekly Live Q&A with Guest Expert
Historical Calls Access
Full Documents Library
Monthly In-Person Networking Events
6x Mastermind Days Per Year
Monthly Investment Just £60 Subscribe Just £75 Subscribe(£90 Per Couple) Subscribe Just £175 Subscribe(£250 Per Couple) Subscribe

As you can see, every option for access to The Prosperity Network Portal is extremely affordable.

When you consider that the average rental property in the UK should make you at least £150 per month profit after tax, that’s a 250% return on your investment in the Portal, from just one property.

And considering many of our members go on to acquire 5, 10, even 20+ properties, it’s clear to see just how big your returns could be.

But, if you’re on the fence …

The Prosperity Network Portal Will Work For You, Whether You’re Brand New to the Property Game, or a Seasoned Vet …

It doesn’t matter if you want 1 property or 100.

We help you achieve your version of property success, whether that’s just one or two, so you can build your own personal safety net, and a nice little retirement income …

Or you want an entire empire.

The strategies we share with you are geared up for any level.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 years old or 80.

There’s no jargon, no complicated tech, and we’re in no way elitist or discriminatory when it comes to age.

We have members of all ages, and from all walks of life.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been at this for years, or are yet to get going.

Plenty of members choose to join us well before they purchase a property, because they want to make sure their journey is as successful as possible, straight from the get-go …

But we also have people who’ve been in property 30+ years, who join for the extra hints and tips, the guidance, and the awesome community. (And because you’re never too experienced to learn something new.)

It doesn’t matter if you hate numbers, or aren’t a natural business person.

We simplify everything.

When it comes to the numbers, we have so many calculators, spreadsheets and trainings on how to demystify these, provided you can use the calculator on your phone … You’ll be fine.

And as for being a natural business person?

Well, I’m not sure anyone’s born a natural business person. I know I wasn’t. And neither were 95% of our members.

But that’s why we provide you with all the tools and advice you need to develop that investor mindset.

And, if you’re still on the fence …

Check Out What These Portal Members Have To Say …

Jay Wright

Shaun Smith

Greg Swain Hughes

Zhina & Jake

Tommy Franzen

Nicky Russell

Scott and Helen

Paul Cummins

Here’s How to Claim Your Portal Access, Today!

On the table below, you’ll see three options.

Simply select which one you’d like to start with, and click ‘ADD TO CART.’

(Remember, you can change level at any time once you’re inside the Portal, if you decide you need more (or less) support and access.)

You’ll then be redirected to a short, secure page where you’ll be asked for your billing information.

Take 60 seconds to fill this in … And that’s it!

After that, an email will be winging its way towards your inbox, and should be with you in 5-10 minutes.

This will contain all your log-in information, and once you’re in, you’ll be able to access everything.

Package A Package B Package C
Access to 100+ Hours of Property Trainings
Weekly Live Q&A with Guest Expert
Historical Calls Access
Full Documents Library
Monthly In-Person Networking Events
6x Mastermind Days Per Year
Monthly Investment Just £60 Subscribe Just £75 Subscribe(£90 Per Couple) Subscribe Just £175 Subscribe(£250 Per Couple) Subscribe

The Way I See It, You’ve Got 3 Options …

Option 1: Do Nothing

You can continue to be frustrated by a lack of income and financial freedom …

Keep watching other people have success in property, and wishing you could do the same …

And look back one day thinking – “What if?”

Option 2: Try and Figure It Out On Your Own

Spend hundreds of hours (and probably thousands of pounds) doing things the hard way.

Getting conned by mentors and gurus who promise you the get-rich-quick formula.

Or wasting hours and hours with dead-end approaches, or burning cash with poor investments.

Stressing over paperwork, watching deals fall through, and always feeling like that freedom-focused business you want is just out of reach.

Option 3: Join The Prosperity Network

You’ve read about the huge amount of value we provide inside the Portal.

You’ve heard from others who’ve had amazing success and literally changed their lives thanks to their membership.

So if you’re ready to recognise that, and you see how big an opportunity this is …

Plus, you’re mature enough to accept your success — or lack thereof — is ultimately up to you, but you want our support, guidance and expertise, so you can finally have that profitable, hands-off, ethical property business …

Pick your preferred option below, and let’s get you started.

Package A Package B Package C
Access to 100+ Hours of Property Trainings
Weekly Live Q&A with Guest Expert
Historical Calls Access
Full Documents Library
Monthly In-Person Networking Events
6x Mastermind Days Per Year
Monthly Investmen Just £60 Subscribe Just £75 Subscribe(£90 Per Couple) Subscribe Just £175 Subscribe(£250 Per Couple) Subscribe

All the best,


Got questions?

Feel free to check out our FAQ below:

Q) Do I need to be a full-time investor?

Nope. Because our price point is so reasonable, many members have joined up 12-24 months before they’ve even bought their first investment property.

They wanted to take the time to learn the ropes before diving in.

I’m not saying you have to do this, but it’s an option.

Q) Does it work for newbies?

As above, it definitely does.

We keep things jargon-free, and always make sure you’re fully supported so you never feel lost, stuck and confused, even if you have zero experience with investing.

Q) What if I’m more experienced?

Then we’d love to have you.

Whether you’re looking to save yourself thousands in legal fees and documents …

Get higher level advice from people who’ve invested tens of millions of their own money in property …

Or you just want a chilled, helpful, supportive community to be a part of, you’d be a great fit for the Portal.

Q) I only have a couple of hours every week, will this work for me?


We do have over 100 hours of training, but you don’t need to do all that.

Everything is set up to work through at a pace that suits you.

Obviously the more time you have available, the faster you can start profiting, but we view this as a marathon, not a sprint.

Q) What exactly do I get?

Over 100 hours of in-depth training on literally everything you need to succeed in property. From buying your first one, right up to more complex developments and projects.

A weekly live Q&A with guest experts, and your chance to get any challenges addressed.

A friendly, supportive community of like-minded investors to answer questions, discuss strategies, and talk all things property with.

Document library with 40+ documents, worth over £10,000.

And if you opt for one of the higher level options, access to monthly networking events and 6 mastermind days throughout the year.

Q) Can I join on the basic membership and upgrade later?

Of course. If you want a flavour of things, simply join on the lowest cost membership. Then, if you decide later on you want access to the networking events and mastermind days, simply let us know and we can upgrade you.
All contracts have a minimum subscription period of 12 months. Unfortunately you cannot downgrade in packages, however you can upgrade in packages at any time, please note that once you have signed your new upgraded contract your 12 months restarts from that date.

Q) What happens if I want to cancel?

The general rule is you have 14 days after the day on which we initially provide you with access to online content. More detail on this is stipulated in the contract as how long you have to change your mind depends on what you have ordered and how it is delivered.
You will need to pay for any content you’ve used within the 14 days when cancelling.

Q) How is everything accessed?

It’s hosted on a private membership site. You’ll have your own log-ins and password, so it’s totally secure.

Q) Can I succeed in property without the Portal?

You can definitely have a highly profitable property business without our help.

One thing you’ll always get from me is the truth. And people have succeeded in property on their own, many times before.

Thing is, it’s a lot easier with our help.

We’ve made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

We’ve learned the hard way, and lost the cash ourselves, meaning we can help you side step the same mistakes.

And we know the property market inside and out, so will be able to get you to whatever your definition of success is, quicker, easier, and without the headaches.

If you like the sound of that …

And you want 100+ hours of in-depth video training …

Weekly live Q&As and guest expert features …

£10,000+ worth of contracts and templates …

And to be part of the most friendly, supportive and ethical property community online …

Pick your option below, and I can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Package A Package B Package C
Access to 100+ Hours of Property Trainings
Weekly Live Q&A with Guest Expert
Historical Calls Access
Full Documents Library
Monthly In-Person Networking Events
6x Mastermind Days Per Year
Monthly Investmen Just £60 Subscribe Just £75 Subscribe(£90 Per Couple) Subscribe Just £175 Subscribe(£250 Per Couple) Subscribe